We hope you are staying safe and healthy during the COVID-19 public health crisis.


It really can't be said enough - your health is our priority. And every decision we make is through that lens. We want to be sure the approach we're taking to reopen our school is thoughtful, and that we're creating a fitness environment that's safe for everyone. Our classes/programs won't open all at once. We will take a phased approach as our state reopens for business. 


First, we want to thank you for your continuous support through these trying times. We're implementing a few safety measures and protocols to help keep everyone healthy. Some of those measures and protocols will include: 


1. Limited face-to-face classes

2. Conducting temperature screenings when attending a face-to-face class

3. Taking steps to allow for the social distancing of six feet.

4. Increasing cleaning and sanitation.

5. Altering hours of operation.


If you choose to participate at this time please email Professor Ben at info@bckickboxingbjj.com 


Please know that in the meantime, we do have ways to keep you and your family physically active via virtual training sessions, which we have implemented since the shutdown. If you haven't already joined our sessions, you are more than welcome to do so - Zoom classes are available every week.






Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, loyalty, and support during this time. As a small business owner, it means the world to us that you continue to be a part of our BC Kickboxing & BJJ Waxhaw family.


Stay well,

Professor Ben & Coaches